Milling Poster Inspired By Bakers

Weston Milling recently released a 2012 calendar inspired by the baking industry.

The poster brings together a collection of photography and stories “capturing the essence” of each baker profiled, their premises and their products.

Bakers featured include Croissant D’Or’s Alex Duong; Frank, John, Ralph and Nick Sacco from Sunstar Bakery; Uncle Bob’s Bakery owner Brett Noy; and Arik Kebabs & Turkish Bakery’s Cuma Arik among others.

Weston Milling was inspired by how the baking industry is renowned for its “passionate, hardworking and dedicated people”.

“The Weston Milling team is privileged to spend their days with these inspiring individuals from boutique bakers and retailers to commercial manufacturers,” the company stated.

Weston Milling sales representative Gavin La Fontaine has visited customers around Melbourne for 18 years and said he loved the idea of getting to retell some of his customers’ stories.

“They’re just ordinary people and their businesses range from large to small, but that’s what makes the stories so interesting‚” Gavin said.

The calendar is available by contacting local Weston Milling sales representative.

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