Make Room for Creativity with Fat Powders

Make Room for Creativity with Fat Powders

A S Harrison & Co vegetable and nut-based Fat Powders are a perfect replacer to traditional cream, butter and/or vegetable liquid oils. In addition to providing texture, creaminess and mouthfeel, they are convenient to process, soluble, dispersible, while providing an extended shelf life and stability.

Produced using the spray drying encapsulating technology, include four cost-effective products that are high in fatty acids.

• Coconut oil fat powder

• Palm oil fat powder (RSPO)

• Corn nut fat powder

• Groundnut fat powder

The high-fat percentage of 50 per cent combined with good free-flowing properties make these exceptionally well-suited as a fat source in soups, sauces, dairy and bakery products.

Established in 1923, A S Harrison & Co is a successful, independently owned Australian company. Supplying food ingredients to the bakery, dairy, prepared foods, confectionery, poultry, meat, pet foods, health and well-being markets within Australia and abroad.

A S Harrison & Co source ingredients from a global network of exclusive principals, guaranteeing quality products with consistency, safety and reliability. Their product management capability include: product sourcing, tailor made products to meet customer specifications, technical, development, warehouse and distribution.

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