Sandwich Press Heats Up Cook Surface

Sandwich Press

Spidoglass is an Italian brand that has been available in Australia for several years, with distribution recently awarded to Meris Food Equipment.
Best known for the Spidoglass sandwich press that utilises glass ceramic cook surfaces. Glass ceramic offers many benefits such as faster heat up times, cheaper running costs and is easier to clean.
Glass ceramic also allows users to cook a range of products (not just toasted sandwiches). It is a versatile cooking system that will grill the widest range of food including, bacon and eggs, burgers, steak, seafood, vegetables and more.
Meris are realeasing the Spidoglass ‘medium’ which offers a larger cook surface. Based on demand from the market, the factory has produced a larger model with a 300mm x 400mm cook surface.
There are a range of other products that are available under the Spidocook brand.
View them on the Meris website.

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