Mia Dolci Italiani to open in Sydney

Mia Dolci Italiani to open in Sydney

Orazio D'Elia (left) and Riccardo Falcone (right) sit together at a round table in front of a brick wall (Mia Dolci Italiani)

Mia Dolci Italiani, the brainchild of Riccardo Falcone (former Rockpool executive pastry chef) and Orazio D’Elia (Da Orazio chef), is set to open in Sydney’s Alexandria early next month.

The pair intend the establishment to be an authentic Italian pasticceria, like they both remember from their youth in Italy.

“In Australia, we have bakeries on every corner. In our hometowns, it is Pasticceria,” Orazio told Broadsheet.

“We decided we wanted to bring a piece of our heritage here.”

Despite both growing up in Campania, Riccardo and Orazio only met after both moving to Sydney. They bonded over their shared love of the treats of their youth and decided to start a business together to bring a slice of Italy down under.

Mia Dolci Italiani is set to be a mix of an Italian cake shop, a chocolate shop, and open pastry kitchen, and a café. It will feature all of the delicious goodies of Riccardo and Orzio’s youth—ricotta cannoli, delizia al limone, torta della nonna, rum baba and many more.

Another focus for the pasticceria will also be on their focaccia pizzas.

Handmade chocolates will also be available to patrons, who will have viewing windows into the preparation areas of all of the different offerings of the pasticceria.

The establishment will open in a converted warehouse space, which will be roomy enough to house all facets of the business.

Riccardo and Orazio hope that their industrial location will also enable them to sell their desserts wholesale to restaurants in Sydney.

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