Life-sized Han Solo sculpted out of bread

Life-sized Han Solo sculpted out of bread

A bakery in Benicia, California has recently gone viral due to a strange Star Wars-themed installation outside their doors. One House Bakery is owned by mother-daughter duo Catherine and Hannalee Pervan.

The bakery has been making giant bread sculptures for the past couple of years, bolstered by the enthusiasm of the public and their customers for the pieces.

This year, the piece outside the door is a life-sized sculpture of Star Wars’ Han Solo, trapped in carbonite as he was on Jabba the Hut’s ship in Return of the Jedi. The placard next to him read ‘Our hero Pan Solo has been trapped in Levainite by the evil Java the Hut’.

But the giant ‘Pan Solo’ (as he’s known) isn’t just a hit with Star Wars fans.

“People are just super interested by it, and you see people smelling it and poking it, and they’re just like, ‘What is going on?’” Hanalee Pervan, co-owner and principal baker of One House Bakery told The New York Times.

“They kind of don’t believe you that it’s made of dough.”

The sculpture took the pair over a month to create. They worked at night after the bakery had closed. A dead bread, made without yeast, was used to create the sculpture, which was then baked before being propped up outside of the establishment.

This year’s sculpture of Han Solo is the bakery’s latest entry in Benicia’s Downtown Scarecrow Contest, which encourages local small businesses to display giant scarecrows in the lead up to Halloween—the more creative, the better.

Catherine Pervan said that it was great to be able to make something fun with her daughter away from the hustle of the business.

“It’s a little quiet time for us to have together when she’s not the boss, and I’m not the mom,” she told The New York Times.

“It’s just us, hanging out and working together.”

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