Korea’s Paris Baguette Chain Expands To̷...

Korea’s Paris Baguette Chain Expands To… Paris

A South Korean chain has opened a bakery called Paris Baguette in the heart of the French capital. The food chain now said its global aim is to, “become to bread what McDonald’s is to hamburgers”, with plans to expand into 60 countries in the next six years.

The 200sq m boulangerie opened within walking distance from the Louvre, Paris City Hall, the Pont Neuf bridge and Notre Dame cathedral, as reported by The Guardian.

The chain has even joined the Chambre Professionnelle des Artisans Boulangers-Patissiers, which requires all members to adhere to traditional baking standards.

The Paris Baguette bakery chain has 3250 boulangerie à la française outlets in South Korea and bakeries in America, Singapore, Vietnam and China – where it aims to open a further 500 shops.

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