Coles Banned For Three Years From Advertising R...

Coles Banned For Three Years From Advertising ‘freshly Baked’ Bread

Supermarket chain Coles has been banned for three years from claiming its bread is made or baked on the day it is sold.

Coles was also ordered to display a federal court notice in its stores and on its website advising shoppers it had broken Australian consumer law by falsely advertising bread products as “freshly baked” and “baked today”.

The chief justice of the federal court James Allsop made the ruling in September after Coles was found guilty in June for making false, misleading and deceptive representations in relation to the freshness of its bread.

Coles has been banned from promoting its bread as baked on the day it is being sold or made from fresh dough for three years.

The court is yet to make a decision on whether to fine Coles, which faces penalties of more than $3 million.

The case was brought by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission after former Victorian premier, Jeff Kennett, complained when he discovered a loaf of Coles bread that was advertised as freshly baked in-store had been made in Ireland.

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