Indonesian premium chocolate makers make the move ...

Indonesian premium chocolate makers make the move to Australia

A new partnership between Jakarta-based fine chocolate manufacturer Pipiltin Cocoa and Katalis (a business development program backed by the Australian and Indonesian governments) means that Indonesian cocoa products may soon be entering the Australian market.

This comes as the Australian market’s interest in diversity of products and an increase in consumers’ focus on health consciousness has expanded the cocoa market here.

“Research has shown that single-origin cocoa beans from Indonesia exhibit the highest profile diversity in the world, reflecting the diverse agroclimatic conditions of the archipelago and advanced processing techniques applied by the premium cocoa industry in Indonesia. This is part of the strength of our offering and we’re excited to work with Katalis to share the story of Indonesian people, culture, and flavours,” said Pipiltin CEO Tissa Aunilla.

Pipiltin will be the point of contact between other Indonesian cocoa businesses and. the Australian market, and their partnership with Katalis will allow for more opportunities for Indonesian businesses here.

With a significant proportion of the small and medium enterprises in Indonesia’s premium cocoa supply chain owned and led by women, new market opportunities will empower women entrepreneurs, smallholder cocoa producers, workers, farmers, and young people.

Paul Bartlett, director of Katalis, said, “Katalis works to foster new economic partnerships, business sector engagement, and cooperation that leads to more integrated markets between Australia and Indonesia. With the premium chocolate industry driving the work to identify and investing in opportunities across their value chain, we are confident that the partnership will lead to closer trade and investment, improved market access, and more inclusive economic growth.”

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