Holy cannoli – it’s a new record!

Caltanissetta, a city that is not new to the Guinness World Record arena, has just witnessed the cracking of a new record – the longest cannolo (which I have recently learnt is the correct singular for cannoli).

Caltanissetta is no stranger to successful Guinness World Record attempts. In 2002, it saw the creation of the world’s longest rollò cheesecake (303 metres long!).

Now, Caltanissetta, widely believed to be the birthplace of cannoli is home to another record – the world’s longest cannolo. Measuring in at a whopping 21.43 metres, the Caltanissetta cannolo blew the previous record holder (5 metres) out of the water.

On September 11, in a well-choreographed effort organised by Ristoworld Italia and authorised by London, over 150 pastry chefs from all over Italy banded together under the watchful eye of master pastry chef Lillo Defraia to create the mammoth sweet treat. Defraia was definitely the best man for the job – he was previously the leader of the successful 2002 effort to make the longest rollò.

In the end, after the 3-year preparation lead up, the pastry ended up being over 20cm in diameter, and the filling contained over 500kg of ricotta and 35kg of sugar. Cinnamon, chocolate chips and pistachios completed the insides of the behemoth.

“We gave a party with the tasting of the cannolo of records”, says Marcello Proietto di Silvestro, president of Ristoworld Italy. The remainder of the cannolo was donated to various charities.

“The cannolo represents the culture and traditions of our territory, as well as the warmth and spirit of sharing that characterises our people,” Roberto Gambino, Mayor of Caltanissetta, said after the event, full of delicious record-breaking cannolo.

The record attempt is still making its way through the Guinness World Records official channels of recognition, but no doubt it will get there shortly, and Caltanissetta will once again be the seat of victory.

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