Earthy breads, pretzels and berliners for Gold Coa...

Earthy breads, pretzels and berliners for Gold Coast

A new German bakery will be bringing typically Deutsch earthy breads, pretzels and berliners (jam doughnuts) to the Gold Coast.

Brezel is set to open at Varsity Lakes on a date yet-to-be-confirmed, but owner Michelle Roth promises a “place that takes your taste buds right into the heart of Germany”.

The Brezel website says:

“When you enter our authentic German bakery Brezel, you will immerse into the wonders of German artisan baked goodness. German bread & co is loved by Europeans and people from all around the world as the taste, texture and amount of wholesome nutrition cannot be found in any other baked goods. Our bakers are passionate about providing top notch products to our valued customers.”

Authentic German pastries such as the Franz Roll, which is popular in Northern Germany in places like Hamburg and is like a croissant but filled and sprinkled with cinnamon sugar, will be available at Brezel. Also the raisin whirl or ‘Rosinenschnecke’, which is a Roller yeast dough filled with raisins and marzipan.

If sweets aren’t what you’re looking for, Roth also has a range of German breads—typically dense, crusty and wholesome—that will be available when the store opens. Think crusty rye loaves and multigrain rolls, as well as soft pretzels.

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  1. Michelle

    30 April

    Love the article, can’t wait to open the doors to everyone to have a taste of German baked goodness 🙂

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