Doughnut Time goes international

Australia’s own hole-in-the-wall doughnut time international store has made its way across the world to open its first store in the UK. Doughnut Time, which started in Brisbane, now has 23 stores across Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Sydney and Melbourne and now, on Shaftesbury Avenue in London.

Damian Griffiths, the mastermind behind Doughnut Time said, “We have been looking to expand into the UK for the past 12 months.” Damian was just about to launch in the UK when a UK hospitality operator approached him about the Doughnut Time concept.

Two more London-based stores in Notting Hill and East London will follow the Shaftesbury Avenue store by the end of the year, and the company has plans to expand further in 2018.

“All Doughnut Time UK stores will have the same quirky hole-in-the-wall style that you see in Australia, as it’s part of the Doughnut Time International brand. We have spent a lot of time working with our partner in the UK to ensure the brand is rolled out the way we wanted,” Damian said.

Doughnut Time rose to fame in 2015 by using social media to create a buzz about the huge doughnuts and small neon-lit spaces they were sold from. The Shaftesbury Avenue store opens in London in mid-October.

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