Cybake bakery software launches in Australia

Cybake bakery software launches in Australia

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Cybake bakery software has opened a new office in Melbourne and is now available to commercial bakeries across Australia.

Cybake is a bakery management software specialist originally founded almost 25 years ago in York, England.

Retail and wholesale bakeries of all sizes use Cybake software to manage everything from orders to invoicing, recipes, production, shop management, waste control, deliveries and more.

In the UK and Ireland, Cybake has become something of a baking industry standard, especially after the software switched to a full cloud, monthly subscription, model back in 2018. It is also becoming increasingly popular with commercial bakeries in the USA.


Cybake gets bakeries organised with a single, clear, and consistent view of operations that is understood by all colleagues.

The software automates back-office jobs like collecting and processing orders, issuing invoices, managing production, scheduling deliveries, and controlling retail outlets. This type of automation is especially important at a time of rising wage rates rising and labour shortages.

Cybake also includes built-in business intelligence and machine learning which analyses a bakery operation, giving its management team all the information they need, on screen and on hand at all times. And, if they choose, Cybake brings its AI capabilities to the table for tasks like forecasting.

The bottom line is that Cybake bakery software is able to cut costs, reduce waste, increase sales, and improve efficiency. It also integrates smoothly with accounts, e-commerce, POS, labelling and weighing systems.


Cybake is not a big-name ERP system that’s been “reconfigured” for bakeries. Nor is it a “hosted” application that’s been dressed up as a cloud service.

Importantly, it doesn’t make its users stick to the old model where customers ran software on their own servers that they were then responsible for maintaining and keeping secure.

Cybake does all its programming in-house. It is also important to note that Cybake doesn’t try and reinvent the wheel. What Cybake does is concentrate on bakery control and management, while at the same time integrating with the popular accounts, labelling, and so on, systems that bakers also use in their business.

How and when can I get a demo?

You can get a demo by going to the “Get a demo” page on Simply fill in the form and one of the Cybake team will be back in touch with you shortly to arrange a time and date that suits you best.

Who will answer my questions?

You will be talking to Cybake Australia’s business development manager, Josalyn Price, an Australian hospitality industry veteran. Josalyn has been quietly laying the groundwork to get Cybake up and running in Australia for the last 12 months.

When can I purchase? What’s the process?

Bakeries can sign up for Cybake any time. Once they have confirmed which modules they need and arranged monthly payments, they are handed straight over to Cybake Australia’s customer services team.

The team then help bakers with data migration from their old systems; provide full training; support throughout the full set up; and then continuous support from then on.

What do Cybake users say?

The first bakery in America to sign up for Cybake was Quality Bakers of Tennessee, a long-established wholesale bakery in Knoxville that supplies fresh bread to local restaurants, caterers, and schools, as well as to big distributors such as Bimbo Bakeries.

Quality Bakers’ co-president, Beth Dible, says: “Cybake takes you to a more sophisticated level of running your business. It got us to that next level to make it easier to manage everything in one place. It simply pays for itself.”

Before subscribing to Cybake, another new user in Tennessee, Dozen Bakery – a combined wholesale/retail operation located in Wedgewood-Houston, Nashville – used another bakery management software solution.

Dozen Bakery’s owner, Claire Meneely, says: “I was looking for something a bit more updated in terms of a cleaner interface and that was more intuitive and easier to use.”

Claire adds: “With the ability to combine production and orders, Cybake was able to streamline things so that it takes half the time as it used to with our old system. I would really recommend Cybake because of the support I received anytime I needed anything. I’m very happy we switched over.”

London’s Flourish Craft Bakery, an artisan bakery supplying wholesale breads and pastries to Michelin-starred restaurants, five-star hotels, and cafés in the UK capital, is another recent convert to Cybake.

Paul, Edmund and Helen, the bakery’s management team, say: “Cybake can do so much more than just production sheets, delivery notes and invoicing. There are costings, recipes, nutritional information, route planning and business insight reporting. We particularly like the new inbound and shop features which allow our customers to log in and place their own orders themselves.”

Cybake is available now to subscribers in Australia. To contact Cybake Australia, please call Josalyn Price on +61 2 7202 7363, email to, or visit

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