Carlton’s The French Lettuce reveals revamp

Carlton’s The French Lettuce reveals revamp

Modern Australian patisserie The French Lettuce Carlton reopened to customers on March 26 after a month of renovations to upgrade the venue’s layout.

Locals are again able to enjoy a cup of Veneziano coffee and plenty of slices, tarts and pastries featuring local artisanal ingredients with French and Italian inspiration.


Since pastry chef Peter Brown and wife Nicole took over ownership in 2003 after the venue opened in the ‘80s, The French Lettuce has been cheered for its cakes—supplying masterpieces for the likes of Katy Perry, Bert Newton and Eddie McGuire. The team has also made a replica of Prince William’s and Princess Kate’s wedding cake for a private celebration.

The Brown children Campbell, Molly and Hudson became managers of the café in 2017 and despite the difficulties last year presented, The French Lettuce opened a second, bigger site in Bulleen in early August 2020 and is proving to be a favourite with locals.

The patisserie gives back to the community through its involvement with the Royal Children’s Hospital Good Friday Appeal and donations, including leftover food, to the Salvation Army, Oznam House, Sisters of the Poor and St Mary’s House of Welcome.

This year, The French Lettuce donated the money made from sales of its popular vanilla slice at both locations in the week leading up to Easter to the Good Friday Appeal—with a total of 587 units sold!


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