Cadbury celebrates 100 years in Australia

Cadbury celebrates 100 years in Australia

For Cadbury, 2022 marks 100 years of making chocolate in Australia.

The iconic (and trademarked!) purple, the “glass-and-a-half” tagline have become ingrained in Australian culture since the chocolate brand landed in Tasmania in 1922.

Chosen by the British Cadbury brothers, Richard and George, for its cool climate—ideal for chocolate making—and access to premium-quality milk, the farming town of Claremont became Cadbury’s home Down Under.

A century later, Hobart’s Cadbury factory churns out 60,000 tonnes of chocolate each year, with sugar sourced from growers in Queensland and milk—100,000,000 litres of it—from 48 dairy families in Tasmania’s north-west, some of which have been supplying fresh milk to Cadbury for generations.

Tasmania Minister for State Growth Roger Jaensch congratulated the chocolate giant in a media release, acknowledging the major contribution Cadbury has made to local jobs, farming and economy.

“Throughout their history, the company’s Claremont and Burnie operations have provided jobs for thousands of Tasmanians over the past century and still support some 700 direct and indirect jobs locally,” Mr Jaensch said.

“As a big supporter of the community, the company has consistently demonstrated its commitment to Tasmania and we are proud to be home to one of the world’s most loved companies and some of the world’s most loved treats.”

With the operation exporting Tasmanian-made chocolate to the world, the company is estimated to contribute more than $400 million to the Tasmanian economy each year.

“Cadbury has taken pride of place in Aussie homes for the last 100 years, sharing in some of the biggest and most influential moments in our history—including moments of progress, challenge and inspiration,” said Cadbury vice-president of marketing Paul Chatfield.

Cadbury supplied chocolate and cocoa to Australia’s armed forces during World War II, and was there for the arrival of broadcast television in 1956, which created a place where families gathered, and the 2000 Olympics.

“This year we’re also collaborating with some Aussie food greats and even calling on Cadbury fans across the country to have their say on a new block we’re dubbing the ‘Cadbury Snack of the Century’,” said Chatfield.

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