Butter unlike any other on the Australian market

Butter unlike any other on the Australian market

Pepe Sayer has been formulating their whey buttersheets and whey butterballs for the past three years.

Whey butter is made using cream that is separated from the whey during cheese-making, creating a whey cream. The whey cream is then churned into butter, creating a nutty, creamy and sharp flavour. It is perfect for baking, with its true flavour releasing with heat.  They are making whey buttersheets and new whey butterballs (15gm balls of butter for rough puff).

Whey butter is highly prized in Europe, especially in baking. In France it’s called beurre de sérum (butter of the whey), with many French patisseries using it in their croissants. In England it’s called whey butter or farmhouse butter. It’s not something you will find on the Australian market, so they are working with a blank canvas and 100 per cent Australian cream.

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