Brumby’s Promotes Health Benefits

Brumby’s Bakeries has launched its Get Active product range, which aims to inform customers about the nutritional profile of its bread products.

The retail bakery chain has introduced several initiatives to educate customers, including colour-coded packaging, description panels on bread bags and in-store information cards.

The brand’s Get Active bread loaves contain more than 10 per cent of the recommended daily intake of fibre for digestive health, as well as low glycemic index (GI) for sustained energy.

The brand is also marketing the range as providing more protein per slice than an average egg.

The products, which are being promoted by Brumby’s bread ambassador Matthew Hayden, include a Swiss soy and linseed loaf, a wholemeal grain loaf, a mega grain loaf and a 12-cereal loaf and a Swiss seed loaf.

As part of the campaign, Brumby’s has also launched a new fact-based website featuring in-depth nutritional information and ingredient lists, to make shopping easier for customers with specific dietary requirements.

The Get Active range has been available in Brumby’s stores across the country since early October and is identifiable by its sky blue packaging.

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