Brumby’s Bakery In A Winning Partnership

Brumby’s Bakery In A Winning Partnership

Brumby’s Bakery has teamed up with cricket legend Matthew Hayden (pictured) to endorse the company’s locally-made, preservative-free bread range.

Matthew, who was named Brumby’s bread ambassador at Retail Food Group’s 2013 Evolve Franchisee Conference, said he is proud to support a brand that bakes fresh bread in-store.

“I’ve grown up with Brumby’s, just like most Aussies have. After almost 40 years in the baking business, they still bake all their bread fresh in store daily using traditional scratch baking methods and they only use wheat grown and produced by Australian farmers,” he said.

“As a dad, I want my kids to grow up knowing where their food comes from and at Brumby’s you know the bread is baked from scratch, has no preservatives and is made from 100 per cent Aussie wheat.”

The collaboration came to life after the retired cricketer-turned-cookbook author embarked on a journey to rediscover sustainable, family-orientated and healthy living.

“Since retiring from cricket, I’ve dedicated my life to encouraging everyone to enjoy the benefits of an active and healthy lifestyle,” Matthew said.

“Making good food choices are just one aspect of living a healthy lifestyle, but one of the most important.”

Brumby’s managing director Kevin Waite said Matthew’s food ideals are integral to the brand’s identity.

“We couldn’t be happier to be in partnership with a proud and successful Australian like Matthew Hayden, who shares the Brumby’s values of family, community and sustainability,” he said.

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