Hospitality Employers Could Pay More For Top-tier ...

Hospitality Employers Could Pay More For Top-tier Staff

A skills shortage in the Australian hospitality industry, particularly in the executive-level, is placing upwards pressure on salaries, according to research by employment analyst company Michael Page.

The Salary and Employment Forecast for 2013/14 Report states the skills shortage, which is particularly prevalent in Victoria and New South Wales, will cause salaries to rise above the inflation rate of 67 per cent.

Although the average percentage salary increase for hospitality professionals is 3-5 per cent, many employers recognise they need to pay more to attract and retain the best talent in the current market.

Of the employers surveyed, 57 per cent said they would consider awarding a pay rise to all employees according to performance abilities.

The research also suggests many employers remain open to the prospect of hiring workers on 457 visas if high-quality talent can be sourced from overseas markets.

Currently, hospitality salaries tend to be highest in Western Australia, with salary rates in New South Wales slightly behind. Queensland and Victoria salaries generally remain steady.

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