Beer for breakfast?

It might not be the ideal breakfast to scoff on your commute on a Monday morning, but Mountain Culture Beer Co has released a new ‘breakfast’ beer.

The Baked Pastry Stout is made using 250 freshly baked croissants, supplied by Black Cockatoo Bakery, and is described as tasting roasty and toasty with an indulgent twist of sweet cinnamon and caramel flavours.

The Blue Mountains brewery announced the new arrival on Facebook on May 20.

“Release day! Introducing BAKED, a 10.5 per cent pastry stout that’s rich and roasty, with cinnamon and caramel smoothness thanks to the addition of 250 croissants from our mates and the best bakers we know, Black Cockatoo Bakery. Enjoy responsibly at 8 degrees, lest you want a speedy decline from respectable members of the community.”

Given it’s a 10.5 per cent alcohol volume Russian Imperial Stout, it might be wiser to save this one for dessert and have a coffee in the morning instead.

Mountain Culture describes itself as a brewery that serves beer for the adventurous, and prides itself on pushing the limit to brew better beer with every batch.

A pastry stout is a relatively new subcategory of beer and a title often attributed to beers with sweet and sometimes novelty flavour profiles.

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