ASB extends memberships free of charge

ASB extends memberships free of charge

In light of the challenges faced by the baking industry this year, the Australian Society of Baking (ASB) announced that it would be extending current memberships to the end of January 2021 without charge.

“Given current circumstances with COVID-19 & challenges this presents for us all; plus how it impacts #ASB to deliver typical services and content such as our Mid-Year Conference, we have decided to extend any current ASB Membership without charge, to the end of Jan 2021,” ASB Chairman Jake Lowing announced in a series of tweets.

“We’ll continue to review our ability to provide opportunities for our members to share knowledge, network & provide their business with a platform to share benefits. And to update Industry & our Members as we all learn more & in a clearer position to plan next events.

“As always, we appreciate your ongoing support of the ASB and look forward to the time when we can all meet and share our passion for the industry and the great people within it.”

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