Bakers Delight Bucks Job Gloom

Early 2013 employment figures suggest employment opportunities in the general retail sector continue to remain uncertain. Nonetheless, Bakers Delight is standing in stark contrast to the shaky job market by announcing its plans to offer 1000 new apprenticeship opportunities to bakers this year.

Bakers Delight, which has more than 700 stores established in Australia, New Zealand and Canada, has publically announced its aggressive recruitment expectations are a key element to its long-term growth strategy.

Bakers Delight Holdings general manager of company growth Gabby Kelly said now more than ever, a baking apprenticeship represents a solid career opportunity for Australians.

“A baking apprenticeship can offer a career platform, direction and lifestyle flexibility. Apprentice qualifications often lead to bakery management or franchising, or into a technical skills role or a corporate role in an operational capacity,” Gabby said.

“In fact, 30 per cent of our franchisees began their career as an apprentice baker.”Rather than just attracting school leavers, Gabby said baking apprenticeships now draw-in a large number of adults, including many women.

“This has been driven by an increase in government support for baking apprenticeships. There is also much more flexibility around how apprenticeships are structured,” Gabby said.

Nonetheless Gabby is quick to point out booming interest in baking qualifications is not just good news for Bakers Delight.

“The advantage of having apprentices come in and do a set, qualified course means we have a lot more skilled technicians in the industry, which can only be a good thing for improving bready quality and general standards in the baking community,” she said.

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