Automatic production with the FS 510

Automatic production with the FS 510

The Automatic production with the FS 510 forming system is designed for the multi-lane production of formed products of varying cross-sections and feed materials. The filling product is fed to the filling flow divider by a vacuum filler. The active servo-driven filling flow divider ensures precise rotor speed in the filling flow divider. The result is a continuous product flow without pressure fluctuations, and thus more accurate final weights.

Automatic production with the FS 510

The filling flow divider ejects the filling product in multi-lane filling flows via mould components. Separating is performed directly at the outlet, either with a wire or a blade; it is uninterrupted and linear to the product speed. The desired product shape is created using forming tubes positioned at the outlet. The gentle portioning and separating process also results in first-class product quality. 

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