Authorities find mystery tree animal is in fact a ...

Authorities find mystery tree animal is in fact a croissant

Authorities in Poland have responded to a report of a mystery tree-lurking animal to find the threat is, in fact, a croissant.

“People aren’t opening their windows because they’re afraid it will go into their house,” the caller reportedly said.

Animal welfare officers weren’t sure what to expect when they showed up on the scene, but the popular pastry probably wasn’t high on their list of potential suspects.

The Krakow Animal Welfare Society said in a Facebook post that the incident was genuine.

The organisation said its officers had asked the desperate caller whether the unidentified animal, which had been in the tree for two days, could be a bird of prey.

The woman responded that it looked more like a “lagun” – similar to “laguna”, Polish for lagoon – before remembering the correct word “legwan”, or iguana.

However upon attending, the officers found it was a croissant lurking in the branches of the lilac tree, possibly thrown from an upstairs window to feed the birds.

Despite the error, and likely some embarrassment on the part of the caller, the Animal Welfare Society said the public should still report any concerns.

We will await the call about a sloth actually turning out to be a pain au chocolat, or a blueberry muffin being mistaken for a Chihuahua.

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