A new superette for Wild Life Bakery

A new superette for Wild Life Bakery

Various cakes on counter of bakery (Wild Life Bakery)

Brunswick-based Wild Life Bakery has announced the opening of its new mini supermarket (or superette for those in the know). It launched quietly and without any fanfare last Friday, with its first official day set to take place tomorrow.

Since Huw Murdoch opened Wild Life Bakery in an old mechanic’s warehouse on Albert Street, it has been a favourite among customers. Huw’s rustic sourdough loaves, classic toasties, and otherwise generally vegetarian menu have earned him a glowing reputation that has led to this expansion.

The location of the new superette is one that holds a special place in the hearts of many customers. The old Harper & Blohm store on Sydney Road in Brunswick (started by Olivia Sutton over eight years ago) was beloved for its wide range of cheeses, and many Melburnians were sad to see it close its doors in 2022.

“We were all sad to be losing the beautiful offering that Olivia had developed, it was Huw’s and also his mum’s, favourite cheese shop,” Wild Life Bakery wrote in a social media post announcing the opening of the superette.

“So! We decided that we would bring our bread a little closer to Brunswick, keep the cheese dreams alive, and respectfully continue the work Harper & Blohm have done bringing cheese to the community.”

The new mini-market will continue to sell all of the faves stocked by the main bakery on Albert Street, but it will also aim to continue Harper & Blohm’s legacy with cheese.

“We have some of the world’s great cheese on offer there, among some incredible Australian options as well. We will keep a curated list of exceptional cheeses on hand for you all to taste and take home,” Wild Life Bakery wrote.

“Alongside the cheese, we’ll have our bread, pastries, viennoiseries, coffee, some foodie bits, and lots and lots of pickles!”

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  1. Polly

    14 July

    Love SUperette!!! Especially the cheese scones…..DELISH…I dream of them…addictive in the nicest possible way!

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