A bricks-and-mortar store for Prove Patisserie

A bricks-and-mortar store for Prove Patisserie

Prove Patisserie street signage, someone is holding a tray of croissants in the foreground

Prove Patisserie has been operating out of a co-working space supplying cafes around Adelaide with delicious baked goods since its launch in late 2020. Now, it has its own bricks-and-mortar store in Stepney.

Prove Patisserie is the brainchild of Anna Rogers (formerly a corporate lawyer) and Megan Bowditch (a pastry chef who has spent time working at Shangri-la Hotel with Anna Polyviou), who discovered their shared love of pastry after meeting while playing hockey. Anna works the front of house for the bakery, while Megan takes care of things in the kitchen.

Prove Patisserie has been popular and busy since it opened.

“There’s been lots of locals—because they can smell it, or they’re walking past and can see activity during the week—but someone came down from Salisbury,” Anna told Broadsheet.

“I was like, ‘Oh, do you have something else on [around here]?’ and they were like, ‘No, we’ve come for your pastries!’”

Anna said this has provided them with a great opportunity to meet Prove Patisserie’s customers face to face, something that wasn’t as much of an option when the business was running supply only.

With the move, Prove Patisserie has also made a shift to producing bread alongside its classic pastries. The sourdough and other artisan loaves that they have been producing have been just as popular as their pastries, with Prove Patisserie often selling out of both.

“Our focus is totally on the product and on quality and what we put in. We use really good-quality produce for the doughs for the pastry, and I think that’s what’s helped us stand out from the crowd,” Anna said.

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