World-Class Depositor With A Delicate Touch

World-Class Depositor With A Delicate Touch

Vanrooy’s Delfin depositing machine is designed and manufactured in Italy to the highest European standards. They have the scope to produce thousands of different macarons, biscuits, cookies, confectionary, muffins, sheet sponge, friands, choux pasty and much more. The ability to create your own programs enables the innovative pastry chef to design unique new products as if piped by hand.

The Mino from Delfin has been modified specifically to handle the delicate macaron as if by the hand of a world-class pastry chef. These classified modifications are unique to Delfin and provide an edge over its competitors in regards to quality and consistency. Delfin has a machine to suit all production scenarios, from small to semi-industrial and to all common tray sizes.

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