Woolworths Campaign Targets Consumer Attitudes

Woolworths Campaign Targets Consumer Attitudes

Woolworths has unveiled a new advertising and branding campaign, changing its long-running slogan “The Fresh Food People” to “Australia’s Fresh Food People”, according to Inside Retailing.

Woolworths supermarket and petrol division MD Tjeerd Jegen said the company wanted to become Australia’s most trusted brand.

“By serving Australians with great quality fresh food from our very own backyard, as well as great value, we will live up to our ambition to be Australia’s most trusted brand,” Mr Jegen said in a statement.

“Ultimately we want shoppers to know that when they buy their fresh food with us they can feel proud that they are supporting a great Australian company as well as Australian farmers and suppliers.”

Contracted by Woolworths to survey consumer attitudes and knowledge of the source of Woolworths’ products, Galaxy Research found extremely low levels of customer awareness, with most respondents saying they believed about 40 per cent of fruit and vegetables sold in supermarkets is imported.

Woolworths maintains 96 per cent of its fresh produce is Australian grown. And while consumers think about 50 per cent or less of fresh meat is Australian grown, Woolworths says all of its fresh meat is locally produced.

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