Unicorns for Real

Unicorns for Real

Unicorn cakes continue to spread their rainbow magic all over social media, bringing consumer demand with them. Brightly coloured rainbow and unicorn cakes tap into the Instagram crowd and are the latest must-have bakery trend for celebration cakes, especially in the UK.

UK grocers Asda Groceries, Tesco, and Sainsbury’s have all rolled out rainbow and unicorn sponge cakes to their grocery lines.

Karmel Maletta, innovation controller at Premier Foods, who supplies unicorn slices to grocery stores, told British Baker, “Unicorns were one of the biggest consumer trends for 2017, with home furnishings, beauty, food and fashion all being brandished across social media with unicorn-inspired designs and colours.”

A version of unicorn cake also features in new cookbook Unicorn Food, Natural Recipes for Edible Rainbows by Sandra Mahut.

Whether unicorn-mania makes it to Australian shores is yet to be seen.

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