Tokyo Lamington’s new range celebrates nativ...

Tokyo Lamington’s new range celebrates native flavours

Sydney’s Tokyo Lamington has teamed up with Melbourne Bushfood to celebrate Australia’s best native ingredients (such as pepperberry, strawberry gum and wattle seed) and flavours. For two weeks only, launching on January 20 the range will be available in store and online.

All ingredients sourced by Melbourne Bushfood are from Indigenous communities, wild harvesters and small Australian farmers and are known for being very distinct in flavour.

The menu includes OG native jam (Cape York lilly pilly jam and vanilla cream dipped in dark chocolate sauce and coconut); chai and pepperberry (date and chai jam, vanilla cream dipped in white chocolate, coconut and pepperberry) and strawberry gum and cream (vanilla cream and strawberry gum dipped in vanilla sauce and coconut). Finger lime meringue, lemon myrtle lime bitters, honey and macadamia, pepper leaf and vanilla, Davidson plum and chocolate and black sesame and wattle seed are also on offer.

Here’s how Tokyo Lamington describe some of the offerings:

Davidson Plum and Chocolate

A classic combination, the combination of tanginess of Davidson Plum and richness of Chocolate Mousse makes this Lamington very moreish.
Filling: Davidson Plum Jam, Milk Chocolate Mousse with Cacao Nibs
Dipping Type: Dark Chocolate Shell
Coating: Coconut

Lime and Finger Lime

Tokyo Lamington's new range celebrates native flavours
Hours of scrapping little caviars off Finger Lime is totally worth the sharp and tanginess it brings to this sweet pillowy Lamington.
Filling: Lime Curd with Finger Lime, Vanilla Cream
Dipping Type: Italian Meringue
Coating: Torched Meringue

Black Sesame and Wattleseed

Tokyo Lamington's new range celebrates native flavours
We were amazed at how compatible Black Sesame and Wattleseed are, both in flavour as well as texture. Now this is what we call fusion.
Filling: Black Sesame Cream
Dipping Type:White Chocolate Shell
Coating: Sesame, Wattleseed & Coconut

Strawberry Gum and Cream

Tokyo Lamington's new range celebrates native flavours
An Australian twist on another classic flavour. Don’t be deceived by the pale colour of the strawberry gum, this Lamington packs a punch of flavours.
Filling: Vanilla Cream with Strawberry Gum Jelly
Dipping Type: Vanilla Sauce
Coating: Coconut

Pepperleaf and Vanilla

Made from dried leaves of Mountain Pepperberry, Pepperleaf adds a herbaceous flavour to a simple yet sophisticated Vanilla Lamington. Filling: Vanilla and Pepper Leaf
Dipping Type: White Chocolate Shell
Coating: Coconut

Chai and Pepperberry

Peppery with a hint of juniper and chilli heat, Pepperberry pairs well with anything spicy like Chai. Properties of balancing chakra unknown. Filling: Date and Chai Jam, Vanilla Cream
Dipping Type: White Chocolate Shell
Coating: Coconut & Pepperberry

Native OG

Tokyo Lamington's new range celebrates native flavours
Lilly Pilly, also known as Riberry has a tart and spicy flavour with a hint of cinnamon, it is perfect for jam making, hence it makes perfect sense in our OG Lamington.
Filling: Cape York Lilly Pilly Jam, Vanilla Cream
Dipping Type: Dark Chocolate Sauce
Coating: Coconut

Lemon Myrtle Lime Bitters

A twist to a classic beverage flavour into a classic dessert, it couldn’t get more summer’er than this refreshing Lamington.
Filling: Lemon Myrtle and Lime Jelly, Bitters Cream
Dipping Type: Lemon Myrtle Sauce
Coating: Coconut

Honey and Macadamia

Easily one of our favourites, this Honey and Macadamia Lamington is filled with mouth coating honey sweetness and macadamia buttery goodness.
Filling: Macadamia and Honey Butter
Dipping Type: White Chocolate Shell
Coating: Coconut & Macadamia
The menu will replace Tokyo Lamington’s regular menu until February 3.

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