January dream: Gelatissimo’s limited edition...

January dream: Gelatissimo’s limited edition flavour

It’s what January dreams are made of: Gelatissimo‘s new limited edition flavour – Cadbury Caramilk with Nutty Hokey Pokey – will delight gelato lovers, but only for a short time.

We all know by now that the sweet-toothed crowds go wild for everything Caramilk-related, so adding the caramel-flavoured white chocolate to gelato in time for some seriously hot weather is just smart business on the part of Gelatissimo.

Combined with Hokey Pokey – which, for those not up on ice-cream flavours beyond vanilla is honeycomb toffee pieces – this is a surefire hit and every bit as sweet and decadent as you could imagine.

With base of smooth caramelised white chocolate gelato, each scoop is heaped with golden nutty toffee pieces crafted using a blend of peanuts and hazelnuts.

Cadbury’s Caramilk Hokey Pokey bars are not currently available in Australia, despite the desperate pleas of die-hard Caramilk fanatics, so hopefully this will be adequate to tide the appetites over in the meantime.

The New South Wales based Gelatissimo also has a new range of flavours based on Aussie classics with a twist including Chocolate Wagon with Davidson Plum (based on the Wagon Wheel), Iced Man-GoGo (for the Iced VoVo) and Salted Caramel Lamington.


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