Tip Top Gets Footy Fans On Board

Just as the footy season starts to heat up, Australian bread brand tip top has launched a limited edition line of NRL football cards.

every tip top Sunblest pack sporting the NRL logo includes a collection card featuring a star player, or club, with statistics and facts about the game.

Tip Top spokeswoman Samantha Gallagher said the promotion will encourage Australians to relive the nostalgia of collecting cards.

“Collecting is an iconic aussie pastime, which is being brought back by Tip Top Sunblest’s new footy promotion,” she said.

The 12-week initiative, which has been in place since May, will also see Tip Top Sunblest packaging revamped to resemble the current NRL jersey.

Further promotions and giveaways, including personalised NRL club jerseys and footballs, will also be provided through the Tip Top Facebook page.

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