TikTok loses it over ’embarrassingly Melbour...

TikTok loses it over ’embarrassingly Melbourne’ dish

TikTok users have lost their minds at Melbourne restaurant Barkley’s Kitchen’s ‘cursed’ and ’embarrassingly Melbourne’ pasta jars, after the restaurant debuted their new menu item.

In a trend that should have stayed in 2016, Barkley’s Kitchen is serving their pasta in mason jars, that the internet has described as ‘cursed’ and impossible to physically eat.

The restaurant touted the invention as ‘Melbourne’s FIRST Pasta Jars’, and TikTok users went off in the comments.

Some users said that the pasta jars were ‘embarrassingly Melbourne’, and that there was literally no reason to serve pasta in a jar.

One TikTok user joked that Barkley’s Kitchen probably serves garlic bread in a shoe. In response, the restaurant did just that.

Barkley’s Kitchen’s fully embraced the internet’s jokes, and took it one step further. They posted a TikTok of garlic bread in a literal shoe, and then another of a person eating both these chaotic creations together.

After showing their endearing ability to have a laugh at their own expense, the restaurant has said on TikTok that they’ve heard Melbournian’s feedback and are ready with a new and improved idea: a ‘Carb Cob’.

The Carb Cob is essentially delicious cheesy pasta served in a hollowed-out bread roll. Now this carb-on-carb action, we can get behind.

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