TV host praises country bakery’s vanilla sli...

TV host praises country bakery’s vanilla slice

Channel Nine’s TV series Postcards took a trip to country Victoria’s Malmsbury Bakery this week, featuring the business on their iconic Sunday night lifestyle and travel show, with its host praising the country bakery’s vanilla slice and pies.

Ex-AFL player and Postcards host Shane Crawford took a day trip to the quiet country town of Malmsbury to visit the botanical gardens, marvel at the town’s old railway viaduct and, of course, sample the local bakery.

As Crawford says, one of the most exciting moments of visiting a country town is hitting the local bakery. Crawford left the Malmsbury bakery with glowing reviews, gleefully holding some Australian classics: a meat pie and a vanilla slice.

The Malmsbury Bakery has been in operation for over 30 years, serving a delicious range of traditional English and early Australian fare. The bakery features Aussie classics, like lamingtons, pies, and sausage rolls, as well as sourdough bread and baguettes.

The bakery also harbours a fantastic story of hard work and commitment. Owner and head baker Anthony started working at the bakery as a shy 21-year-old apprentice in 2003.

In 2018, 15 years later, Anthony purchased the property and business to continue the Malmsbury Bakery’s legacy.

In the Postcards segment, Crawford describes Malmsbury as a perfect day trip for Melbournians. The quaint county town is only a 70-minute drive from Melbourne, and is a fantastic get-away location for city dwellers.

Like many in the area, the bluestone town of Malmsbury has its origins in the Goldrush. The town is nestled in the beautiful Macedon Ranges.

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