The flavour of lemon rind without the scraped knuc...

The flavour of lemon rind without the scraped knuckles

AFIS Lemon Oil 1.860 gives you the consistent flavour and aroma of lemon rind without the need to zest lemons yourself. This makes it easier to consistently price your baked goods, regardless of when citrus is in season, and it also eliminates the unnecessary waste of throwing away the rindless fruit.

Our 100 per cent natural essence is squeezed from the rind of fresh lemons; there are no other oils added, just the pure fruit flavour of fresh lemon rind. A little bit goes a long way, so it is an incredibly cost-effective way to add an intense natural lemon flavour to your muffins, breads, pastries, cakes, dairy, desserts and cheesecakes.

AFIS Lemon Oil 1.860 can be used as both a flavour/fragrance ingredient and is available in 4kg and 20kg. With a non-refrigerated shelf life of 12 months, AFIS Lemon Oil 1.860 is incredibly stable and easy to use.

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