The curtain falls for Mis•spelt

The curtain falls for Mis•spelt

Despite only having opened in October, last month marked the end of the popular wholesale bakery Mis•spelt. Kickstarted by Eli Rami and Sam Holm, the team behind Black Lab Coffee Co., the baked-good retailer has been popular among visitors to the trendy location in Paddington.

However, the brand announced it would be closing its doors late last month.

“Paddington. We have some sad, but also exciting new,” Mis•spelt wrote in a social media post on 17 January.

“After our first few months of trade, we have gathered community feedback, assessed the viability of selling bakery goods, and tested a few new ideas. The demand [for] deli-style sandwiches has far outweighed the demand for baked goods. It is with sadness that we are announcing that Mis•spelt in its current form will not be reopening.”

But it was not all bad news from the bakery.

The post continued, “Instead, we have made the decision to pivot our business model and partner with an amazing team to bring a new concept to our little corner of LaTrobe.

“Watch this space…” the post concluded.

“We weren’t set up as a sandwich shop, but we launched the sandwich menu in November as a way to get rid of the excess bread and reduce waste,” Sam told Broadsheet.

“We were selling out of the sandwiches and having to throw croissants and pastries in the bin at the end of the day,” he continued.

This is the avenue that the pair have decided to move in going forward. But, instead of opening their own sandwich shop, they have approached the owners at Sunny Side Sandwiches in Windsor about the possibility of taking over the Mis•spelt space, which the former accepted.

While Sam and Eli might be taking a step away from Mis•spelt, they won’t be more than a stone’s throw away, maintaining management of Black Lab Coffee, just next door, where the pair has begun baking in house.

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