The Baking Industry Trade Show is on its way

The Baking Industry Trade Show is on its way

The Baking Industry Trade Show has been a highlight on the calendar every year since it began in 2017, and this year will be no exception to that. This year’s Baking Industry Trade Show will take place from May 30—June 1 at Wentworth Park in Sydney and culminate in the National Excellence in Baking Awards Dinner, which will celebrate the winners of the Excellence in Baking competitions nationally and announce the overall winners.

The Trade Show will provide attendees the opportunity to attend workshops, network with other industry professionals, and much more.

“This year in Sydney, it will be more directed to hands-on demos and the ability for the visitors to be involved. In the artisan Baking Area each day, there will be a baking session on Ancient Grains presented by Rosewood Research and two of their scholarship winners.

“People will be able to bake their own products following the presenters and what they have learnt from the scholarship tour,” said Tony Smith, Executive Officer of the Baking Association of Australia, who are organising the event.

“The Bakers Corner returns with some hard-hitting topics for every bakery owner and businessperson to be involved with,” he continued.

“Anton Duc, the BAA IR Barrister, will hold a full session on what the new Federal Government’s IR changes will mean for businesses small and large with Zombie Agreements, the new shut down clauses, and the Victorian Wage Inspectorate.

“Other sessions will include the new wastage laws for bakeries and how to try and save on your energy bills, with the grand final being ‘How do you actually judge a pie or pastie’. Attendees can also speak to a panel of judges and previous winners all hosted by Shaun Pyne from Pyney’s Pie Review.”

The Baking Industry Trade show will also see the return of the National Donut Competition and the National Artisan Baking Competition.

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