The 2021 Easter trends that are hot (cross) right ...

The 2021 Easter trends that are hot (cross) right now

The traditional fruit hot cross bun is the OG of Easter, but it is popping up in many creative new forms in the lead up to chocolate-for-breakfast day. Here are some of the 2021 Easter trends that are hot (cross) right now!

Hot Cross Croissant—Banksia Bakehouse

The 2021 Easter trends that are hot (cross) right now

Banksia Bakehouse is at the cutting edge of croissant creativity, and we expect no less at Easter. The Hot Cross Croissant is crafted from croissant dough moulded into a cube shape, using a special cake mould. With its crisp outer pastry ‘shell’ featuring an icing cross on top, inside is a centre of cinnamon crème patisserie with uniquely-Australian Sunmuscat sultanas.

Banksia Bakehouse’s Chris Sheldrick said: “We wanted to create a special Easter treat using our expertise in croissants and patisserie. With hot cross buns appearing in supermarkets right after Christmas, we didn’t want to create a traditional-style bun, as we felt customers would be tired of them by the time Easter actually came around.”

Hot Cross Cheesecake

The 2021 Easter trends that are hot (cross) right now

Ummmm… yes please! This is a smash up of two of the best flavours out there, and Nútie Donuts has got it right.

This creamy spiced cheesecake with orange zest and sultanas serves 12-15 people and is vegan and gluten-free. Topped with hot cross cookies too!

Hot Cross Bun Macarons

The team at Marché Du Macaron have a knack of turning literally any flavour into one of these airy French delicacies, and the humble HCB is no exception. They’re no one trick pony though—Marché also have fresh traditional fruit and chocolate hot cross buns available.

Earl Grey & Chocolate HXB Scroll

The 2021 Easter trends that are hot (cross) right now

If anything is here to break your Lent fast, its the hot cross bun scroll from the legends at Zonts Bakehouse in Perth. Made with laminated croissant dough, filled with a decadent layer of Earl Grey Tea infused pastry cream, with pieces of dark chocolate throughout. Top crossed with Earl Grey pastry cream.

Hot Cross Bun Cob

Do you even tell yourself you’ll only have one hot cross bun and then regret limiting yourself? The good folks at Bakehouse on Collins have your back with this huge hot cross bun cob loaf!

They’re also responsible for…

Hot Cross Bun Doughnuts


Hot Cross Bun Truffles

Combining the two best parts of Easter, Sue Lewis Chocolatier’s hot cross bun truffles are made in a milk chocolate ganache blended with sultanas, mixed spices, confit orange and good splash of sour mash whisky.

Hot Cross Bun Vanilla Slice

Not to be confused with vanilla slice hot cross bun (which came in second in the Innovative category at Australia’s Best Hot Cross Bun Competition), this is a creation recently shared, along with the recipe so you can make it too!

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