Brisbane lockdown a ‘crushing blow’ fo...

Brisbane lockdown a ‘crushing blow’ for industry

As Brisbane goes into another snap three-day lockdown, a peak body has described the decision as a “crushing blow” for the city’s hospitality industry.

The State’s second such lockdown for 2021 was announced on Monday, March 29 following several locally-acquired cases of COVID-19.

Restaurant & Catering Industry Association CEO Wes Lambert said the lockdown could be the final blow for some businesses. 

“This is a heartbreaking, crushing blow to the hospitality sector across South East Queensland,” Mr Lambert said.

“With school holidays and Easter just days away, the recently announced lockdown could be the final blow for many businesses who have spent more than 12 months struggling to survive.

“However, this lockdown is different. There is no JobKeeper safety net for these businesses, and little to no support will be forthcoming until after the lockdown is over. This means more staff stood down, up to $50 million in lost revenue, and nearly $15 million in produce and stock thrown away, with more debt piling up.

“R&CA has been warning governments across the country that as long as lockdown remained an active policy response, business support needs to continue. This recent lockdown should accelerate any plans for stimulus and support from the Queensland and Federal Governments.

“With one of the busiest tourism periods upon us, this announcement means one thing for thousands of restaurants and cafes across not just greater Brisbane, but all of Queensland: Chaos.”

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