Superthing masterminds open sourdough bakehouse

Superthing masterminds open sourdough bakehouse

The masterminds behind West End favourite Superthing are bringing a new concept to the table, announcing a bespoke sourdough bakehouse set to open in South Brisbane.

Ania Kutek and Eddy Tice, owners and creators of Superthing and NYC Bagel Deli, have announced their new Cordelia Sourdough Bakehouse, set to open its doors on Cordelia Street in early 2022.

The new venue will specialise in everything sourdough, from olive and rosemary loaves to sourdough baguettes, doughnuts and milk buns.

The bakery and café will bake with five different sourdough cultures, with one that’s 48 years old from iconic Sydney baker Cesare Salemi, and another sourced from sourdough capital of the world, San Francisco. Each culture has its own texture and flavour, ensuring the bakery has a unique range of doughy creations.

Kutek and Tice have also experimented with their own cultures, including a starter made using the Australian native Kakadu plum.

“We wanted to have a local one and it was a lot of trial and error and we had a few that didn’t work at all, but the kakadu plum one creates a really nice flavour and texture,” Mr Tice told the Courier Mail.

The menu will also feature fan favourites from their other sites, including Superthing croissants and NYC deli bagels, as well as specialty roast Padre Coffee. Customers will be able to enjoy the creations in the fifty-seat indoor and outdoor venue, or purchase take-away options like pre-made sandwiches and baguettes.

“We’ll definitely have our brekky bun with our own house-made chutney and aioli, a reuben with our dark European rye, and a lot of vegetarian options … like maybe something with grilled haloumi and basil pesto and avo,” Mr Tice said.

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