Star On The Rise

Ever since she was a child, Skye Masters has loved everything about bread.

This passion recently paid off when Skye took out the Sydney J Packham Baking Industry scholarship, securing a study tour to Singapore.

A regional finalist for the past two years, Skye said she entered the competition simply for a challenge without ever expecting to actually win.

The scholarship is open to applicants aged 18-24 and requires entrants to answer 24 questions about the industry including suggestions for the challenges currently faced by the industry and ideas for potential new lines.

The third-year apprentice at Woolworths Tura Beach in New South Wales said baking and pastry making is in her blood.

“My Nan was a pastry chef and most of my cousins are bakers. I love everything about bread; the tastes, the textures,” Skye said.

But it was the two weeks work experience Skye did in Year 10 that cemented her desire to follow in her family’s footsteps.

“I had a teacher say to me ‘find your passion, make it your profession and you’ll never work a day in your life’.”

Already employed at the Tura Beach Woolworths, Skye decided to do her work experience with the bakery team and has never looked back.

Skye said she hoped to work her way up in the industry and one day work for the combined bakery team at Woolworths in a managerial role. She would also like to help train other young apprentices who come through the company.

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