One-Off Oven Design Installed In New Bake Lab

One-Off Oven Design Installed In New Bake Lab

Popular baking equipment manufacturer Moffat Group has teamed up with Allied Mills to create a one-of-a-kind commercial oven.

The customised Rotel 3 oven was specifically designed for Allied Mills’ new bake-lab in Kingsgrove, New South Wales, where flour testing requires higher and more evenly spaced decks.

“We needed an oven in which we could trial different flours, speciality grains and super grains like chia. To see the advantages of each flour we often need each product to go through exactly the same proving time,” Allied Mills bakery specialist Jorge Gironda said.

“Moffat really came to the party by building a one-off oven with decks at the exact height we need. Now we can do the flour-testing we require, with the additional benefits of the Rotel 3 which include a 15-minute heat up time and improved heat retention capabilities.”

Moffat national sales manager bakery Tony McNab said it was a pleasure to deliver an oven that suited Allied Mills’ unique test-facility requirements.

“The Rotel 3 is all about making life easier for professionals in the baking industry, so we are delighted to deliver a product that meets the specific demands of a multi-faceted company like Allied Mills,” Tony said.

“We’ve worked hard on this latest design to significantly reduce energy consumption, which is one of the biggest costs in operating a bakery today. The inclusion of an electronic control system running the oven, coupled with a state-of-the-art touch screen has enabled us to deliver a real operating cost saving in the order of 20 per cent, compared to previous Rotel ovens.”

Jorge agrees the difference in technology is obvious.

“It’s like comparing a car from the 1970s to a brand new vehicle!” Jorge said.

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