‘SprinkleGate’ baker gets the last lau...

‘SprinkleGate’ baker gets the last laugh

It was the baking story of the year—an innocent baker whose products were marred by the revelation the sprinkles he was using contained an illegal (in the UK) additive. But the ‘SprinkleGate’ baker is getting the last laugh.

In case you missed it: Get Baked in Leeds withdrew its best-selling cookies and cakes from sale after a tip off led officials to find a banned additive—the food colouring E127—in the sprinkles they were importing from the US.

The story quickly blew up around the globe, and bakery owner Rich Myers ended up with his business booming—no doubt owed to his humorous posts about the saga on social media.

In addition to his line of popular baked goods, Rich has launched into a side-hustle of sprinkle-themed art prints, and now, has collaborated on a “new variant” of compliant sprinkles to replace the illegal ones, announcing the product on Facebook with a cheeky challenge to the person or persons who initially reported him.

“It’s taken months of work, and trips down multicoloured rabbit holes that nobody ever really knew existed,” he wrote.

“The regulations surrounding #illegalsprinkles are a lot more complex than just the banning of #E127 and I’m pretty certain I know more about the sprunk game than any other fucker in the country.
“What you’re looking at, is a totally compliant, legal and sensational batch of high quality American sprinkles.
“I have a lot to announce going forward.
“As always, extremely passionate about sprinkles.
“I told you this wasn’t over.
“Report me now, bitch.
“Done and fucking done.
“Mr Sprinkles.”

Rich told The BBC that following the media coverage, he was contacted by suppliers around the world wanting to work with him, eventually choosing to work with a US company on a workaround—a sprinkle free of E127.

“We’ve come up with a product that looks good and we’re essentially launching our own sprinkle brand in the EU,” he said.

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