Smooth operator

EOI Bakery has put together a delicious collection of its favourite butter-style creams and icing recipes in a 12-page booklet. The recipes use Solite creaming shortening and are fail-safe and easy-to-follow.

The recipe booklet also provides some great tips to ensure the best and smoothest consistency for icings, ganache or fondants.

Delicious icing recipes are available in great flavours such as raspberry, hazelnut, caramel, lemon, chocolate, mocha or fondant, as well as decadent chocolate ganache, mousse and fudge icing.

EOI Bakery knows what’s needed to produce perfect creams and icings and, as a result, the Solite range – as showcased at Fine Food Australia – boasts a low melting point for fast palate release, quick bowl aeration, and high overrun and water absorption.

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