Can’t believe it’s not (dairy) cream

Can’t believe it’s not (dairy) cream

Bulla’s Imitation Cream range is a vegetable fat-based cream, which is ideal for whipping and has great yield. The range comes in Imitation Cream and Sweetened Imitation Cream.

Bulla’s Imitation Cream blends seamlessly with colours, flavours and fruits. When whipped, the Imitation Cream produces lush, bright white peaks. With 30 per cent less fat than dairy, it has twice the yield of fresh cream.

Bulla’s Sweetened Imitation Cream is a pre-sweetened vegetable fat-based imitation cream with 38 per cent less fat than dairy cream. Bulla Sweetened Imitation Cream combines excellent over-run, holds qualities long term when refrigerated and will not crack or bleed.

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