New recipe book a must-have for Nutella lovers

New recipe book a must-have for Nutella lovers

Nutella on toast or just spooned plain out of the jar will always be a treat, but a new recipe book is a must-have for Nutella lovers and will inspire readers to take their love of the chocolate-hazelnut spread to the next level.

Chef Grégory Cohen takes your childhood sweet tooth on an adventure with 60 mouth-watering recipes based around Nutella, including an array of cakes, pastries and muffins, with recipes and techniques to suit every skill level.

Cohen is a French celebrity chef, whose inventive and contemporary cooking style comes from his diverse experience. He worked in the kitchen from an early age, studying at the family gourmet restaurant Le Galant Verre. Grégory is now the television host and columnist on France Inter, the head of several culinary establishments and has recently been working on a number of campaigns to promote better eating in hospitals and schools.

This book is sure to appeal to everyone with a shared love of the World-famous spread.

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