Seven top trends in Hot Cross Buns for 2020

Seven top trends in Hot Cross Buns for 2020

We’ve compiled seven top trends in hot cross buns, including the one blowing traditional out of the water!

Let’s get one thing straight here before we deliver the trends. Nothing will beat a good traditional fruit hot cross bun, toasted and slathered in butter. It is the original gangster of the bun world. Some bakeries refuse to stray from this, and all respect to you. You know what works and you’re sticking with it.

Now that we’ve gotten that clear, there is always space for the new, exciting, and the purely experimental – because if you don’t try it, how will you ever know whether you like it? We’ve noticed throughout our Baking Business Instagram feed that in a sea of HCBs (this is not a complaint, we love them and please keep them coming) there have been some stand out trends:

  1. Sourdough

This is genius, like bakers have gone, “let’s make the original best, but make it fashion” and it works.

Who’s doing it? General Public Perth, Dairy Flat Farm Daylesford, Apex Bakery, Perryman’s Bakery

  1. Hot Cross Doughnuts

Now you’re all just cheating, but we’re totally here for it. Consumers love a dessert hybrid, so this was always going to be a good move.

Who’s doing it? Flour and Chocolate, Nodo Donuts, Bakehouse on Collins

  1. Vegan HCBs

Vegans sacrifice a lot for their lifestyle, but bakers are proving themselves to be the real MVPs by adapting steadily to this growing trend and ensuring vegans aren’t missing out on the good stuff (although, butter?).

Who’s doing it? Bakehouse on Collins (they also have the vegan hot cross doughnut and vegan chocolate HCBs!), Sol Breads Byron Bay

  1. Hot Cross Scrolls

This is like a hot cross bun, but eating like, six, in one go (or I suppose you could share it with a friend, but that would go against isolation-laws so just hoover it yourself) and it also has frosting.

Who’s doing it? Live a Little Dessert Shop, Clement + Heron

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SCROLLY SCROLL 🥰 // Please don't let this amazing creation slip under your radar. It's the @livealittlegelato hot cross bun scroll (seen here in it's whole baked form!). No one is unhappy eating a scroll; imagine all the things you love about a hot cross bun literally rolled into a scroll, topped with a vegan cream cheese frosting! That is utter bliss! These scrolls are filled with plump fruit, a great amount of spice and the best part is that they are soft, fluffy and have that fresh out-of-the-oven squish we at Bun Club go crazy for. And that vegan frosting is light and not so sweet you feel DONE. Go on, have one more 😉 . Live A Little Gelato are doing deliveries during this time so keep your eyes on their Instagram for when the next one is happening; a little bunny tells us this flavour will be appearing in the next round. Don't say we didn't warn you of this deliciousness! . #hotcrossbuns #hxbs #notimeforfruitlessbuns #notimeforfruitless #hotcrossbunsofadelaide #bunclubadl #bunclub #hotcrossbunsofinstagram #easter #bakedgoods #adelaide #adelaideeats #adelaidefoodie  #idontwantnoneunlessyouvegotbunshon #fortheloveofthehxb #eastertreats #adelaidebakery #ichoosesa #sagreat #livealittlegelato #hotcrossbunscroll #veganhotcrossbun #veganadelaide

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  1. Hot Cross Bun loaf

Guess this is basically fruit toast, but more Easter-y.

Who’s doing it? The Rolling Pin Mayfair, Woolworths

  1. Hot Cross Bun desserts

Other traditional desserts can get a bit of bun spice in their business too. We’re seeing bun dough mixed with gelato, made into tarts, cheesecakes, chocolates, French toast, pudding,  and even popcorn!

Who’s doing it? Scoops Adelaide

  1. Out of left field, not a trend, but an honourable mention:

Okay, get this. Sticky date pudding in a hot cross bun. WITH BUTTERSCOTCH SAUCE. Elmore Bakery in Victoria pulled this trick out of their hat to win second place in the flavoured hot cross buns category at the Australia’s Best Hot Cross Bun Competition in March, and say it’s been out-selling their traditional fruit buns – inconceivable!


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