Make your own specialty flours

Make your own specialty flours

As we all look to become more sustainable and environmentally friendly, Mockmill is making the transition easier for all of us. Designed to assist you mill your own specialty flours at different coarseness, the Mockmill range will not only save money but give you the opportunity to make clean label products with an abundance of positive health benefits. From cracked wheat to fine wholemeal, you decide when those nutritional treasure chests get opened and what blend you wish to create.

The Mockmill range of flour mills are simple to use bench top units with an aesthetic style that matches the end result. Designed as a plug and play unit, the Mockmill’s are taking Instagram by storm with bread and grain enthusiasts around the country showing off just what they can do and what they have created with their mills.

Want to test one? Vanrooy has a range of Mockmills ready for you to have a play with.

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