A room for your sourdough starter

A room for your sourdough starter

Already famous for ABBA, meatballs and flatpacks, Sweden has another quirk to add to its list: A room for your sourdough hotels. Bakeries in the Scandinavian country are offering to feed, massage and care for starters while their customers go on holidays.

Charlotta Söör runs a 24-hour hotel for a room for you sourdoughs at Arlanda airport in Stockholm. In an interview with Munchies, she said the way the hotel operated was pretty simple.

“You can check in your dough 24/7, since we are staffed all hours of the day,” Charlotta said.

“During its stay, your dough will be fed regularly with an organic flour of your choice and water, which we then blend into the dough. I guess you can call it a massage. We will also make sure to keep the dough at a good temperature and dispose of the extra dough it will produce in order to keep it in the original size you left it in the hotel.”

Charlotta decided to open the a room for your sourdough hotel, which is part of her bakery and patisserie RC Chocolat, because she thought her business would garner attention for it. But they’re not the only ones.

Urban Deli in Stockholm does the same thing. Jesper Konstantinov, part-owner of the deli, told The Guardian sourdough baking was becoming popular among the “socially conscious”.

“It’s huge among stay-at-home-dads. They have been a driving force in the Swedish a room for your sourdough craze,” he said.

A stay at the hotel costs between 100-300 Swedish krona (AUD$15-47) to keep your starter alive and well while you’re away from work or home.

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