Recipes from the grave

Rosie Grant sits in front of a grave eating a carrot cake, the recipe for which is inscribed on the headstone of the grave

University researcher Rosie Grant has been causing a stir online with a venture that has involved visiting a range of graves and testing out the baking recipes that are recorded on them. The Los Angeles native is a self-described taphophile (someone with an interest in cemeteries, funerals, and gravestones) and has made a name for herself on TikTok for her dedication to grave epitaph baking.

There is a large element of nostalgia and remembering the dead to the practice, which is a major factor in the popularity of Rosie’s videos. This is exemplified in a recipe for spritz cookies that Rosie found on a grave in Brooklyn, New York, belonging to Naomi Desmond Dawson.

“…it was something she was proud of, and people in her community knew her for [the cookies],” Rosie told RNZ.

“All of these people, when I posted it on TikTok, were like ‘Oh my gosh, spritz cookies, my grandmother made that’ or ‘My aunt makes that, you’re supposed to use a cookie press’. And so I got a cookie press.”

With Rosie’s nostalgic grave bakes continuing to garner attention online, she has no intention of giving up this passion project.


Image: Rosie Grant @ghostly.archive

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