Bakery finds customers through fun TikTok videos

Bakery finds customers through fun TikTok videos

A bakery owner in the US is singing the praises of social media influence, after an explosion in popularity on TikTok led customers to her door.

Las Vegas-based Tsp. Baking owner Kari Garcia had accumulated about 4.4 million likes on TikTok (as of December), with customers often telling bakery staff they stopped in after learning of the shop on social media.

“What you can do with social media is amazing,” Ms Garcia told local news.

“I encourage any small-business owners to utilise it. You never know when a post might blow up and who’s telling other people. If I’m not busy, I’ll do a TikTok video with a customer.”

The idea to get on Tiktok came from Ms Garcia’s 16-year-old daughter Lucy, who works at the bakery along with her sister, Abbi.

“Lucy has been on [social media] since she was nine,” Ms Garcia said.

“I loved social media anyway, but when Lucy told me about TikTok, I was like ‘Oh, I can do this.’”

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